provocateur We are both Navigator and Provocateur, illuminating the path and sparking curiosity.

We respect the businesses our clients have built and we view our clients as partners. Our approach considers the context inside your company (culture, leadership, performance, structure) as well as outside (consumer reality, marketplace trends, competitive analysis, cultural shifts) in order to design solutions that reflect the whole picture and lead to productive action. We custom design each project to the needs of that client, and offer objective recommendations based on fact and insight to help guide your team toward inspired, clear decisions.

comfort zonePeople need to be pushed out of their comfort zones to break new ground. 

Challenging work should provoke new thought, and having fun is encouraged. We strategically use creative genres like music, art, movement, architecture, design, food, theatre, and nature to push past mental roadblocks and get to the visceral center of issues. We employ all the senses in our work to help clients see their challenges in a new way and find fresh answers to intractable problems.

pauseTime is a valuable resource and we never put our clients on pause.

Our work is thorough but fast. We capture the content of our work as it happens and deliver it to our clients immediately following our sessions so action can begin at once. We often develop ongoing relationships with our clients and frequently continue to serve as a touchstone for transformational behavior after a specific project has ended.