My "Guided Personal Story"

Rooted in the idea that defining WHO you want to BECOME in life is key to a promising future, myGPS empowers students to consider a life vision and chart the course towards their aspirations.

Through the myGPS program, each student develops a strong sense of his or her personal values, gifts and talents, passions and dreams. By gaining clarity around these fundamentals, students are equipped with a compass for future growth and direction as they transition into the next generation of leaders and contributors of the world.

myGPS works to unlock students’ inner compass because defining who you want to be is the root to a promising future.

Over a 10 week course each myGPS student develops a sharper sense of their personal values, gifts, talents and most importantly their dreams.

To become our greatest self and to truly fulfill our dreams we must look inside and answer questions rarely asked.

Throughout the myGPS course, interactive, life-directing tools lead to greater self-discovery.

myGPS tackles questions that combine a student’s natural intelligence and character in order to inform better life choices. The outcome for students, schools and the community is the true mark of a future-forward education.

myGPS is a compass that helps students chart their personal path to an awesome future.

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