Strategy is Human Strategy is Human™.

At Russell Williams Group, we fundamentally believe that Strategy is Human™. Facts and data are essential to drive the bottom line, but new opportunities are born from insight into the human beings that are the lifeblood of a company. Your people are essential contributors to what makes your company remarkable. Your consumers and their hopes, beliefs and dreams are the structural framework around which effective strategy is created. 

TruthsUncover Hidden Truths, Awaken the Spirit.

Our unique perspective comes from digging into problems from all angles to uncover the hidden truths that will unlock a company's dormant potential. Above all, we awaken the spirit of your organization and generate new momentum toward innovation and success in your leadership team. We sift through the clutter of information and influences, and bring together disparate pieces to find the nuggets of insight that really matter. Thus, giving rise to new opportunities for everyone in your company to rally around.

Inspired ClarityTransform Vision into Action, Achieve Inspired Clarity.

We believe in custom made, not "one size fits all." Each company has a unique culture and we design our work to best fit the real people who are going to use it. We seek to understand your business, and the people inside it, so that the vision you generate and actions you take can live and thrive. We help you decide, with conviction, what to say "yes" to and also what you should say "no" to. We fan the flames of vision and converge that energy into a real, actionable idea. We call it Inspired Clarity.

Clients often come to RWG after conventional methods have already been tried and have not led to breakthrough solutions. They are impatient with inertia and want to shake things up. They don't believe in settling for just being better than their competition. They want to make their competition irrelevant. We want to work with transformative leaders who recognize the need to do something different. Is that you?